Bongs and Pipes – A Great Deal for Cannabis Smokers

Are you are a newbie in cannabis smoking? Alternatively, are you an expert in consumption of cannabis and you haven’t tasted the real deal of Bongs and Pipes? Try using them today and have the best experience of cannabis consumption! The most famous technique to use cannabis is to gulp or smoke the drug. Cannabis products are commonly smoked (with or without tobacco) either in the shape of a cigarette (commonly called a “joint”) or via a pipe. These accessories differ in shape; however, the well-known device has long stems or integrates a “hookah-type” water filtration structure (which is the water pipe) and is frequently called a “bong”.

The variation connecting a bong as well as other smoking accessories like a pipe is that the cannabis smoke is passed via or over water or any other liquid before inhalation. These accessories produced at home or purchased from a cannabis store are obtainable in a variety of dimensions and styles and are broadly accessible for sale.

Why do some consumers choose bongs and water pipes and how is it used?

Smoking continues to be the favorite means of use for cannabis consumers, majorly because of the quicker inception of activity and simpler titration of dosage when contrasted with eating. As with the hookah, the introduction of the water to the smoking procedure is seen by several cannabis consumers as the principal benefit of bongs. When you use a water pipe, cannabis smoke is chilled by passing over the water and by doing this; it minimizes its austerity and temperature on the lungs and oesophagus, hence reducing the burning sensation to the smoker’s oesophagus.

A bong used or smoking cannabis is related to a local hookah in both utility as well as structure, except it is regularly smaller and handier. An opening in the branch of this device commonly called “carburetor” is normally kept sealed in the process of smoking, then later unsealed to enable the smoke to be drained into the respiratory system to get maximum impact.

Respiratory damages connected to cannabis and the use of bongs

One of the main damages connected to the use of cannabis is the probable respiratory harm caused by smoking. Bearing in mind the reputation of cannabis consumption with the aid of Bongs and Pipes, it is amazing how few pieces of research has been carried out on this method of administration and the probable respiratory damages connected with this practice.  Several consumers suppose that cannabis consumption is quite free from damage, specifically when contrasted tobacco. In spite of the means of smoking, nevertheless, there are four discrete damages to respiratory system that have been recognized as an outcome of consuming cannabis:

  • Tobacco, as well as cannabis smoke, comprises of a related variety of carcinogenic and pro-inflammatory matters.
  • Severe contact with cannabis smoke leads to a little decline in the functioning of the lung coupled with respiratory signs like wheeze and cough.
  • With lifetime contact, cannabis and tobacco consumption have preservative effects of lung function and respiratory signs
  • The harmful effects of taking in cannabis smoke are related to those of tobacco smoke.


The use of bongs and pipes continues to be well-known amidst marijuana smokers, specifically young consumers. This is because of the conviction that the water in the accessory “sieves” out poisonous substances contained in the smoke.